The 1950s & 1960s - A Period Of Change

Ringing the changes

Today, One Hundred Years later, we still have a delightful course. The course has had many changes, most particularly, in the early 50’s funds were pretty low and economies had to be made.

On Coronation Day 1953 – a mixed foursome was arranged.

In August 1954 it was suggested that the course be reduced to 9 holes.
Between December 1958 & April 1959 the NCB wrote regarding authority to prospect for opencast coal on the course.

In 1959 a meeting of members was convened by the Captain Mr S. Blower to discuss the proposal to reduce the course to 9 holes and to ascertain the popular feelings.
The points against the proposal were:-
(1) To play 18 holes It would be necessary to go round the course twice and that there may be some disruption at the first tee between players finishing the first nine & members just turning out.
(2) The club would have to forego any of the major Bolton Golf Association Competitions.
(3) Some of the better golfers might think that a nine hole course is not a fair test of their capabilities.

The points for the proposal were:-
The main one on which nearly all the others are based was the financial position of the club.
In 1954 the club made a profit of £ 218 in 1955 a £ 91 profit, 1956 a £143 loss and in 1957 a £70 profit. The Captain explained that the situation would have been worse but for the social activities of the club.

Arising from the financial position the points for consideration were….
(1) The course was suffering due to a lack of labour
(2) There was a danger of loosing the 12th hole altogether – the cost being in the hundreds of pounds to put in order.
(3) The 7th hole was in need of immediate attention.
(4) Due to heavy rain experienced over the previous few summers there was a danger of losing the 13th tee.

Ballot papers had to be returned by 22nd January 1959
to the Secretary A.E. Sandiford.

The course was reduced to 9 holes.

A decade of struggle

Between 1959 and 1971 the club struggled along on a small membership.

Here is the scorecard as recorded in the 1964 Deane Golf Club Handbook. Current members will have difficulty in recognising the course....
... and the annual subscriptions charges due in 1964!!!

Many thanks to Mr G. Lister for use of this handbook.

During the middle 60`s every Tuesday night the club held a 9 hole medal competition that was open to members of other clubs with an entrance fee of
2 shillings & 6 pence. This became quite successful and eventually developed into the current format of our Tuesday medal competitions.

During the late 60`s part of the course, the 2nd and 17th holes, had to be relocated to their present position to allow the landowners to build houses on the 1st, 17th and 18th fairways as was, this was done reluctantly because of the fear that the landlord would not renew the lease that was due for renewal in 1980.

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