The 1920s and 1930s - A Period Of Development

Development of the course

The enthusiasts at Deane are nothing if not enterprising. A handsome new clubhouse has been built on the site of the one destroyed by fire a few years back. It is a fine roomy building, with every comfort considered. The upper floor is a spacious club-room with billiard table, and on the ground floor, to the right, as one enters, is the men’s room, and on the left the dining-room, with ‘ladies’ room adjoining. In front it is proposed to form a small terraced garden.
The 18-hole course is extremely popular, and, though several of its holes have long been known for their sporting qualities, efforts are on hand now to provide golf of even better quality.
This means that No.s 2, 3, 4, 11 and 15 are all being lengthened.
The old No. 6, “Spion Kop”, becomes No. 3, with No. 6 alongside, and with the new No. 3 a little further out.
The experts say this improvement will make for a much better game. In order to improve the picture, trees have been planted between No.s 2 and 3, and next year No. 10 will be in commission again, after having been ploughed up during the war for food growing.
The Council are assured of a grand future. They have already 240 members, in addition to a full book of 120 ladies. Mr. H. Leah is president; Mr. J. E. Norris, secretary; Mr. G. G. Altham, captain; and Mrs Todd ladies captain. The year is 1920.
In the early days with drier summers the clay subsoil was of benefit to keep the turf moist and green and the natural fall to the streams and ravines crossing the course, helped the ground not to be unduly heavy (except in exceptionally wet weather).

Bunkering scheme

The land selected for Deane Golf Club, with the ground being of excellent golfing turf, was thought to be most interesting with its streams, ravines and other natural features. Over the years the course with its delightful rural setting and easy accessibility by bus or tram from Bolton, progressed steadily and in 1932 Mr J A Steer was called upon to submit a scheme of bunkering on modern lines which was carried out in the next couple of years.
Tees, fairways and greens were given careful attention and advice was sought on a regular basis from the Bingley Research Station.

Card of the course

Here is the scorecard as taken from the Deane Golf Club Handbook for the 1933 / 34 season...
...and a diagram of the course layout, again from 1933. Notice the direction of the 1st fairway!!!
All of the pictures and diagrams in this section have been taken from the Deane Golf Club Handbook for the 1933 / 34 season. Many thanks to P. A. Tonge for providing the handbook.

And finally, here is an advert found in the same Handbook.

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