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Deane has a long standing Ladies Section running a full range of competitions through Summer and Winter seasons. The main competition day is Wednesday however there are qualifying competitions held on Sundays also. We enter teams in the Lancashire, Manchester and Bolton competitions. We have a Bell Cup team, a bronze and silver Handicap Shield team and we also enter the Interclub competition.

Interclub Team 2017

Congratulations to the Interclub team who played and won on the10th May 2017, placing Deane golf club into the 2017 finals to be played on Thursday 7th September 2017 at Crompton & Royton.

Irene Khodna -Team Captain

Ladies Team News 2016

Bolton Ladies Golf Cot
Wednesday 11th May 2016
The Golf Cot was originally set up to raise funds for the cots for the babies in hospital during the First World War but now supports local charities.

Each year it is played at different venues in the Bolton Golf Association this year it was the turn of Deane to host the event.

The Ladies section entered 3 teams each consisting of 5 players.. Team number 2 which included the current Lady Captain were delighted to win the Team Trophy putting the spotlight on Deane Ladies.

Bell Cup
The Bell Cup is a tournament organised by The Manchester & District Ladies Golf Association. This year Deane Ladies had to play a preliminary round but luckily it was a home match against Buxton & High Peak.

Sunday 24th April 2016. - Home to Buxton
Like many other days this year the weather was against us. Heavy rain fell throughout most of the match and everyone was drenched. The first four matches went to the Deane Ladies so the following three matches were called in although some valiently carried on as they wanted a true result.
Despite the weather the Buxton & High Peak Ladies enjoyed their first experience at Deane. Everyone also enjoyed the steak pie and chips once they had dried out !!!!

Match result: Deane 4 -- Buxton & High Peak 3.

Sunday 15th May 2016. - Away to High Legh
The weather on the day was quite sunny and warm unlike the last round, however the result was not so favourable.

Match result: High Legh 5 -- Deane 3

We will have to wait another year to lift the Bell Cup !!!

Lancashire Ladies County Golf Association
Handicap Shield - Match Reports

Tuesday 12th July 2016 - Away
Deane v Saddleworth

With only one win so far this season the team went out to Saddleworth on a pleasant summers day and came home with the points. Everyone enjoying their matches and weather.
Match result:  Deane 4.5 v Saddleworth 2.5 

Thursday 7th July 2016 - Away
Deane v Ashton-under-Lyne

Re-arranged match from April 29th. No snow today but plenty of rain. Another away defeat in awful conditions.
Match result:  Deane 2 -- Ashton 5

Friday 24th June 2016 - Home
Deane v Saddleworth

Another dreadful day of rain, everyone soaked but a great result for the team.
Match result:  Deane 5.5 -- Saddleworth 1.5

Friday 27th May 2016 - Away
Deane v Blackley

Only three regular handicap team members were available for this match. A good effort by our team but unfortunately the home side took the spoils.
Match result:  Deane 1.5 -- Blackley 5.5

Friday 13th May 2016 - Home
Deane v Ashton-under-Lyne

A fine dry day for our next match. Unfortunately home advantage did not help us. Another home defeat.
Match result:  Deane 1.5 -- Ashton-under-Lyne 5.5

Friday 6th May 2016 - Home
Deane v Blackley

At last a dry day with some pleasant sunshine. As always the match was played in a friendly but competitive manner. Although the weather was good the final result was not.
Match result:  Deane 3 -- Blackley 4

Friday 29th April 2016 - Away
Ashton-under- Lyne v Deane. Match cancelled due to SNOW.

Lancashire Ladies County Golf Association
Bronze Shield - Match Reports

11th April – Home to Regents Park.

First game of the season with us gaining a 4-1 win. The weather was good on the day and a visit from the ladies at Regents Park is always a pleasure. Thanks to Barbara Wyatt for providing our refreshments. Another big thanks to Joyce Shaw stepping in at the last minute to secure a full team. A good victory early on!

28th April – Away at Old Links/ Replay 6th May!!

We arrived at Old Links with a great positive attitude soon to be numbed (literally) around the 7th hole when the rain/hail/wind/snow (and many other elements!!) kicked in to ruin our games. At the 8th I spoke with the other match secretary about our options as the course would surely be closing due to the inclement weather? We agreed (subsequently wrongly!) to call it at 9. Myself and the away teams match secretary were unaware of the other pairings scores at this point. As it turned out we were 5-0 down! We agreed it was the best decision as nearly everyone was suffering from near enough frostbite in every area of our bodies! Before the score sheet was sent off by the home team it became apparent that the way we ended the day was not compliant with LGU rulings! Various telephone calls later it was made obvious we had to replay the match. Old Links reorganised the match for 6th May. It was difficult to gather a full team for this replay and I managed to scrap and scrounge a set of ladies for the day. Thanks to all those who helped out and played in better conditions (weather wise only!) One of our previous pairings match was claimed by Old Links before we started as our lady on the 28th conceded on the 10th?? Still not sure of this ruling but will investigate for future matches. Another pairing match was claimed on the day as Old Links refused to allow one of our ladies to change tee of time by ten minutes! Oh! Oh! 2 down to start and not a good atmosphere to boot!! With all this considered our remaining 3 matches didn’t go down well and we ended up losing again 5-0. Karma will preside when we meet them at our lovely Deane with the ravines!! Team members for each day were 28th April – Lynn Clynes, Norma Mills, Barbara Thompson, Barbara Wyatt, Margaret Harkin. 6ht May – Lynn Clynes, Carol Howard, Margaret Ewell, Diane Pilling, Barbara Thompson (match claimed so didn’t have to play)

3rd May – Away at North Manchester.

For all our ladies this was our first visit to this club. We received a very warm welcome from Lady Captain Doreen Hallam and all the ladies of North Manchester Golf Club. We had another success winning the match by 3-2. The two we lost were very tight finishes. A great win away on a strange course.

Future Matches.

Our next 3 matches are on Monday 13th June against North Manchester at home, followed by Monday 20th June away at Regents Park and finally our pist de resistance will be Old Links at Home on Monday 1st July were we will seek revenge!

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